Revenue Cycle Associates

At Revenue Cycle Associates, we specialize in outsourcing solutions that enhance Revenue Cycle Management and Accounts Receivable Management so you can focus your time and energy on patient service. Using our knowledge of the Revenue Cycle Management industry and our partnerships with multiple providers, we have developed a service approach that enables us to identify problem areas, create value-oriented revenue cycle strategies, and streamline accounts receivables to increase your cash flow and boost your bottom line while promoting your brand image.

“Our Business Office partnered with Revenue Cycle Associates to review all
self-pay patients for possible insurance coverage and we are astounded at the results! The addition of this service to our existing relationship with RCA has exceeded my expectations in regards to increased revenue and customer service. We are proud of the relationship we have with RCA!”
Shonda Dunlap, Coffee Regional Medical Center
“Stephens County Hospital partnered with RCA for our Early-Out Collections and Insurance Scrub. We have been impressed not only with the increase in monthly revenue, but their constant desire to go the extra mile with customer service. I would recommend this partnership to any hospital!”
Sharleen Stinespring, Stephens County Hospital
"RCA has been amazing! The staff has a deep understanding of healthcare collections and are always willing to answer any request I have. Their practices have significantly increased our revenue, they were even able to collect on accounts we had placed with another agency for over 3 years! We could not be more pleased with the relationship we have will RCA."
Julie Bills, Alliance OB/GYN
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