Julie Bills, Alliance OB/GYN

"RCA has been amazing! The staff has a deep understanding of healthcare collections and are always willing to answer any request I have. Their practices have significantly increased our revenue, they were even able to collect on accounts we had placed with another agency for over 3 years! We could not be more pleased with the relationship we have will RCA."

Evans Memorial Hospital - Adam Howard

"Revenue Cycle Associates has been a great asset to our facility for the past decade. They have added thousands to our bottom line monthly though recoveries on bad debt. Their staff is friendly and always available when needed. Their commitment to the healthcare industry and their clients is unquestionable."

Meadows Regional Medical Center – Jill Reese

"We are pleased with the level of service provided by Revenue Cycle Associates during the last several years. They are very responsive and always quick to react when we have a need on a patient issue. They consistently provide excellent results. Their ability assist with legal action when a patient refuses to respond without increasing their commission, is paramount in this relationship, and a direct contributing factor in their collection performance."

Newnan Dermatology - Marty Lynes

"Our office has partnered with Revenue Cycle Associates for many years. During that time, their recovery programs have provided great value to our office by increasing cash flow through the collection of written-off, bad-debt accounts while also ensuring our patients are treated with respect throughout the collection process. RCA's attention to communication and customer service is paramount to the success of our relationship. They provide us with monthly reports on account statuses, as well as online access for real-time information, and are quick to respond to our needs, producing custom solutions and services as we need them. The collection of health care accounts requires a professional, yet personal approach, and RCA strikes that balance."

Dublin-Macon Cardiology – Prudence Price

"RCA's reporting system provides detailed analysis and relevant statistics on recovery performance for each account placed. RCA's client's support team has always provided a superior level of quality services and quickly respond when needed. They are agreeable to work with patients to establish a favorable arrangement plan based on the patients circumstance, but will not hesitate to request suit authorization on patients who have the ability to pay but refuse to do so."