Revenue Cycle Associates is committed to maximizing recovery for our partners in a minimum amount of time.

We have developed several practice areas that work together to create the most effective business strategies in Revenue Cycle Management, including:

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  • EARLY OUT OUTSOURCING – Customized Extended Business Office Programs to maximize effectiveness and value for your organization.
    • RCM Consulting
    • Insurance Billing
    • Insurance Cleanup and Denial Resolution 
    • Billing Statements
    • Early Out (Pre-Collect) Self Pay Programs
    • Champion/Challenger strategy testing programs
    • Availability of real time account statuses and statistics

  • ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE MANAGEMENT – Customized for your recovery goals.
    • Primary Placement Program
    • Secondary Placement Program
    • Dedicated Skip tracing
    • Letter services
    • Web Access to view our performance in real time
    • The most highly trained associates in the industry

  • LEGAL COLLECTIONS – for timely and effective litigation of recovery efforts.
    • Asset investigation
    • Access to the right attorneys
    • Efficient communications
    • Timely follow-up
    • Dormant Judgment programs

  • SKIP TRACING – We validate or update each consumer's contact information through:
    • Multiple Data sources
    • Sophisticated automation
    • Customized strategies

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