About Us

pic money maskRevenue Cycle Associates is dedicated to providing the complete management of files through every step of Revenue Cycle Management while protecting your Brand Image.

We specialize in the outsourcing of pre-charge off and post-charge off accounts, and manage each account with intense focus, providing the opportunity for the holders of delinquent accounts to pursue multiple options for reimbursement of your services rendered.

Our experienced, dedicated team is well-versed in the latest technologies to identify, locate, and contact account holders. This in-depth combination of efforts results in increased liquidation rates in a much shorter period of time, when compared to traditional RCM programs.

Unresolved bad debt accounts are handled through our asset investigation process to determine address and contact updates, credit scores, checking information, real-time employment status, and personal assets. Once assets have been verified, accounts may be referred to our Asset Department to determine if legal action is recommended.

This combination of services is unique to Revenue Cycle Associates, and maximizes recovery for all of our clients.

The RCA Difference:

  • By combining industry best practices with optional legal processes, our results consistently outperform competitors.

  • Our multiple skip-tracing tools and credit bureau utilization is the most advanced in the industry to uncover updated contact information at no additional cost to our clients.

  • Accounts that remain unresolved through standard collection activities are further scrubbed for personal assets through credit scoring and real time employment/bank account verification databases to determine if legal action should be pursued.

  • Higher than average results combined with a commission rate that is below industry average makes RCA's resolution service an exceptional value.

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